MeyExif: EXIF Reader Module for Xojo (aka. RealStudio or RealBasic)

MeyExif Download

MeyExif is a RealBasic module , that works like a PlugIn in RealStudio/Xojo and reads EXIF data from JPEG files without using QuickTime or any otherĀ  external tools.

Since I have been looking for something like this but could not find a working solution, I decided to write a module for Xojo (aka. RealBasic) that does this job.

MeyExif reads not all but many EXIF tags without relying on Quicktime or Perl and it is lightning fast!

You may use the module for all of your projects. I publish it as shareware, so you can test it extensively. In the compiled version of your Xojo application it will display a message that reminds you to register.

If you have any suggestions or bug reports, please do not hesitate to drop me a line. Enjoy!


MeyExif: Download Exif reader module for RealStudio/Xojo